dinsdag 19 november 2013

A Weekend


This will be my first Google Plus blog. After 3 years njoying the social media Hyves, this platform will end upcoming 2 December. So before the more international Facebook will befall the same faith, I will update my Google Plus for those who like to stay in touch.

So, what to report. This weekend was a weekend of illness and again a trial of keeping control over new situations with the ones who are my first prio in live; my 3 children. The weekend started with a dinner with loved ones at a nice accomodation for eating and playing. It was new, in a new formation, so it was a dynamic interaction. So much stimuli (incentives) and thereby so much attention to divide. And one of my loved ones noticed a lack of attention from my side. Unfortunately he didn’t spoke out these feelings, so I could not react to that. I was struggeling with a lot of incentives myself and trying to keep calm and to view the new situation in an objective way. My reaction to that was that I was more quiet than usually. And this was a bit confusion for my loved one; also because he didn’t ask me the question how I was doing. But, in the end the children had a real good (play)time and the food was good and fully extensive vegetarian.

Yes, for 33 years I do not eat meat. Not because I don’t like the taste of meat. Also not because I hate meat-eaters. But because of the system called the bio-industry. I was 6 years old when I choose for this principle. I will not debat about it because there is good, independent information about this subject from people as Floris van den Berg (De vrolijke veganist / The happy vegan) and J.S.Foer (Eating Animals / Dieren eten) for example. But most important for me is the fact that I had three healthy pregnancies, deliveries and children without eating any meat or so called preventative meat-substitutes.

Having said that, this weekend two of the boy’s had the first signs of a flu wich is well-known and can be expected in this time of the year (autumn). Did you know that children in their first years experience a few hundred virusses? So parenthood is also a sacrifice during the day and night; there was a lot of coughing, sniveling and therefore broken nights and nursing this weekend. I am a single parent so it is my job to be their anchor when they need the most  support and care. And that is even when I am ill myself, because beside of the 'air flying virusses’, the less sleep is also not a good thing for the immunnsystem. From time to time I find it really hard, but it comes with the job being a parent, I realize that fully and accept it, but it is not always that easy. In this case I had to cancell a new event wich I was invited for. Regrettably. Next weekend the boy’s are with their dad and his girlfriend. I am thankfull for their loving care and their friendship and therefore having a good co-parenthood. This wednesday I will have an interview with a renowned writer and we will talk about divorce and beyond. Because endings are also new beginnings.

Stay tuned and have a good week for now!

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  1. The Grand Café was crowded when I got at the appointed place. This was also,by surprise, the meetingpoint for a so called ’Murder Game’ so there were a few places suitable for having the interview. I ordered a tea and was on the watch for a woman I only knew from the magazines and the internet as a more well known writer, an a former editor in chief. It was by a Hyves post from Heleen van Rooyen that we got to this appointment. We were quickly in conversation despite of the noise of the well-filled Grand Café. So because this 'noise’ we also got the whole explanation of the ’Murder Game’ right along, haha!

    The interview was a trip down memory lane. Se called it a special interview, I called it responding to another comment of her: a story of my live. So now I am awaiting the written story as one of the possible stories of a new book by this lady. A lady on a mission.

    More info in due time. And remember: ''Love does not make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile...''